Every bite you take from a Rakkaudella bar is savoured, thanks to the hands behind the creation of this delicacy. Each bean nurtured & handpicked, is converted into delightful treats with the relentless love, precision & craftsmanship of our chocolatiers. The name Rakkaudella which translates to “with love” stands as a testimony to our promise and we strive to deliver the best for your regular and special days, all the way from the glorious hills of Idukki.

Located in the rolling hills of Idukki, one of the most popular hill stations in the Western Ghats of Kerala, our cocoa plantation & factory is nestled in lush greenery with an abundance of nature and excellent conditions for growing cacao. Our Single Origin chocolate bars are handcrafted to perfection with the growing conditions, processing and manufacturing, all favouring us.

The journey of a cocoa bean to chocolate bar untwines the step-by-step treatment to get the best quality product. From harvesting to moulding & packaging, the skill, care & attention given during the step by step process gives the finest bar of chocolate.
At Rakkaudella, our cacao is cultivated & harvested from Idukki’s organic certified farms for pesticide/chemical-free products. It helps in maintaining the flavour profile & uniqueness of each bar.
Our collection of chocolate bars is handcrafted in small batches to retain the flavour and aroma of cacao. The magical combination of craftsmanship and flavours help our chocolatiers raise the bar every time.