Our Story

Living in the sweet tales of life! Coming from a family of sweet-tooth bunch and for the love of food, we ventured into chocolate artistry with a dream to be the creators of India’s finest chocolate. With locally cultivated & sourced ingredients, a team of expert & passionate chocolatiers and a pool of unique ideas in terms of flavours and the craft, Rakkaudella was born. From a quaint organic farm with the buzzing sound of nature, is where our story begins. Rakkaudella’s creations are testimony to our promises and to continue the same, to ensure each bite of a bar is an amalgamation of ingredients that emulate quality, love & attention to detail, we meticulously follow our 4 step process to make chocolate in small batches. Hence, paving the way to raise the bar with every batch to give you a taste of quality along with rich flavours.

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Rakkaudella, with love

We do not sugarcoat facts, information or our promises. Our chocolate bars are the creations made of fresh & locally sourced ingredients, following our 4-step process meticulously, team efforts of our chocolatiers, and a dash of love!

Our Team

Kuriachan Johnson
Co founder
Product Development Manager
Ouseppachan Johnson
Co founder
Marketing Manager